How to Make Cannabis Tinctures with Butter

Making cannabis tincture with butter only requires a few ingredients and steps to follow. If you want quality weed supplies for your cooking, shop at our store!

Cosmic Seed Creative Cooking Series EP5 | How to Make Cannabis Tinctures with Butter

For some cannabis users, it’s quite practical to prepare CBD- and THC-infused beverages and foods at home since you can decide on the ingredients and potency according to your preference. This seems to be an evolving trend as many marijuana products are becoming popular and increasing in prices. One of the top choices today is the cannabis tincture, a flexible variety that can be mixed with butter and other compounds. But as with different recipes, it takes more than just a skill to achieve the best results here. You must understand the basics and master the craft to consume a safe and effective cannabis tincture with butter.

Are you excited to have your DIY marijuana product? Well, you might enjoy the process of gathering the supplies and putting in some creativity as you create this cannabis variety. All it takes is a few ingredients and instructions to get started. This article is a starting point where you can then delve deeper into making cannabis tinctures with butter. Rest assured, our creative cooking series would turn you from a cannabis chef wannabe into an expert connoisseur. So, keep reading and enjoy as you learn the secrets of the craft!

What is Cannabis Tincture?

In terms of tinctures, it's generally an alcohol-based cannabis extract that’s now becoming increasingly popular among pot users. This product can be bought at local weed dispensary or online shops- and yes, it can be prepared at your own home, too. What drives many cannabis enthusiasts toward this product is its practical advantages. For one, it’s a smokeless consumption method, which reduces the risk of adverse reactions or bothering neighbors. You can likewise ingest the raw substance by placing a few drops under your tongue (also called sublingual ingestion).

Here’s the exciting part- a cannabis tincture can be infused into popular recipes such as soups, ice cream, salad dressings, and beverages. With a little amount added to these recipes with cannabutter, you can enjoy the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD and THC; this is a must-try if you’re seeking a new experience with marijuana.

Tinctures can work much faster than traditional edibles like all-natural gummies or brownies. The effects could be felt within a few seconds since sublingual ingestion allows the cannabinoids to pass directly into the bloodstream. If that’s precisely what you’re looking for, all you have to do is hold the tincture under your tongue for 30 seconds- and voila, you’ll experience the high and therapy in no time!

How to Make Cannabis Tincture with Butter

Probably you’ve come across cannabutter as you explored the weed market. This product can be consumed in its raw form and may also be used as an ingredient for other cannabis-infused foods, such as baking, and beverages. If you’re naturally inclined to prepare your recipes at home, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one. You can try different varieties to know exactly what works best for you especially if you love marijuana for its psychoactive and therapeutic effects. Here, you’ll learn how to make cannabis tincture with butter, which is relatively easy and very beneficial:


  • 20 ml of cannabis tincture (suggested size)

  • 2 cups (460 ml) of butter

  • 1 cup (230 ml) of water


  • Chop the butter into small equal pieces

  • Gradually melt the butter at low heat

  • Add the tincture and water

  • Heat the mixture while stirring at certain intervals

  • Cool the liquid mixture, stir and pour into the mason jar

  • Seal the jar or container and place it in the fridge for two hours

  • Voila, your cannabutter is ready!


We suggest using unsalted butter, which can be perfectly fine with any dish. You can get your supply from a local farmer to ensure that the butter is made of natural pasteurized milk and has sufficient fat. Another option is coconut butter, ghee butter, or other similar products. Once your DIY product is made, you can use it as a substitute for ordinary butter and mix it with your favorite meals to experience euphoria or some desired relief. Want to try something new? Our 9 Best Edibles for Energy are tailored for you!

Practical Tips When Making Cannabutter

Everything is pretty straightforward when you make cannabutter, but the question is, will you have a product with superior taste and potency? Your experience with this cannabis variety also depends on factors outside your cooking skill. As such, to achieve excellent results, don't forget to consider these practical tips:

  • Use Good Quality Cannabis Tinctures

Not all weed products you can find in the market are the same in quality. If you want your cannabutter to have excellent taste and potency, go for a premium tincture that's been processed through alcohol extraction. You can get this extract from a reputable dispensary. The hemp source, production standards, and type of cannabis extract or strain, like Strawberry Float, would come into play as you scrutinize the available options. If you're unsure about the tincture, don't hesitate to ask the budtender for proper guidance.

  • Use High Quality Butter

Sure, you can choose any butter you like- whether salted or unsalted. But if you want to yield a better result, you should go with a higher quality product. Again, we recommend using unsalted butter if you plan to mix the product with any dish. But if you prefer other alternatives, you can go for butter or oil that contains fat. For example, vegan butter would be a wonderful replacement since it has less saturated fats and may work well for cannabis infusion.

Proper Dosing for Cannabutter

Like other weed products, proper dosing is crucial when you consume cannabutter; this can be measured in two ways: (1) controlling the amount of extract you use and (2) limiting your intake of edibles. If you're using 20 ml of tincture, as suggested, that amount would determine the potency of your homemade product. When you consume it as raw butter, you must start low and slow while determining your tolerance level.

Since edibles typically take a bit longer to kick in, you must wait for at least 15 minutes before ingesting more. For a recommended dosing with this product, keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Follow the suggested size using a dropper or other appropriate tools when mixing the tincture (produced through alcohol extraction) into food and beverage recipes. You can reduce the amount per serving depending on your tolerance. If the DIY cannabutter seems too strong, consume it slowly and in small proportions.

  • We recommend a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio if you're a seasoned cannabis user. If you're a neophyte, a pure CBD tincture will do or a ratio of 30:1. Remember that using a tincture with low or no THC offers more flexibility since the product won't make you high; this allows you to consume the cannabutter during the workday or right before bed without concern for overpowering psychoactive effects.

  • Ten milligrams is the standard dose for cannabis edibles. This serving size provides most users with relaxing, euphoric, and sedative effects. If this is your first time using cannabutter, you can start with 5 milligrams and build from there. As you adjust to the substance, you can increase the amount twice or even three times a day. You may consult with a physician if you want to make any dramatic consumption increases.


These dosing guidelines are intended to serve as a basic blueprint when you consume cannabutter. We have not recommended exact measurements as CBD and THC tolerance is unique for everyone. Your doctor might help you determine the best amount, particularly if you use the product for medical purposes.

Potential Benefits of Cannabutter

Millions of people in the United States are consuming marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two primary compounds responsible for the therapeutic and euphoric effects of the substance. And interestingly, when you infuse cannabis tincture into butter, you can also reap the potential health benefits that the substance may bring to your general health. Here are some of the typical conditions that the product is used for by medical marijuana patients:

  • Managing anxiety and depression

  • Pain relief

  • Handling diabetes symptoms

  • Reducing cancer-related symptoms

  • Controlling inflammation

For a more comprehensive discussion on the therapeutic benefits of tincture and cannabinoids, read this published study from the National Library of Medicine.

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