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Grilled Filet with Mushroom Demi Glacé

Keep the flavor coming this season with a canna-infused Grilled Filet with Mushroom Demi-Glacé This demi-glace is dosed with the strain GMO Cookies from @illicitgardensmo

Strain - GMO Cookies

1 Beef Filet

1 Cup fresh Mushrooms - sliced

1/4 Cup medium Yellow Onion - diced

2 Garlic cloves - diced

1 Quart Beef Stock

1 tsp Canna Butter

1 TBSP Beef Demi Glace and 2 Cups Water (Combined)

2 TBSP Cornstarch (mixed with a little water to make a paste)


Sauté Onion, Garlic, Mushrooms in Canna Butter, add Beef Stock and Demi Glace/Water mixture. Boil until reduced by half, add Cornstarch mixture and continually stir until thickened.

Grill Beef Filet until desired doneness then top with Mushroom mixture.

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