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Pre-rolls are an easy way to get your THC and CBD kick. Read everything about preparing your cannabis pre-rolls

How Are Cannabis Pre-Rolls Made?

What is a pre-roll, and how is it made? A pre-roll is simply a pre-rolled joint.

Pre-rolled cannabis joints are affordable, discreet, and easy to use. It does not require a substantial financial investment like purchasing a bong nor the time commitment of an edible. But unless you are good with your hands or have hours to spend practicing packing pre-rolls, it can be a tough challenge to twist one up.

Before marijuana legalization and the regulated cannabis industry, cannabis enthusiasts themselves were the ones who rolled their joints. But as cannabis shops became a standard fixture, demand grew for these ready-made smokables.

Enter the pre-rolled joints. Pre-rolls are now everywhere! But if you crave the nostalgia of rolling a pre-roll or want to learn the skill of rolling one, let this article be your guide. Please read on.

What Is a Pre-Roll?

Before you consider using a pre-roll, it is crucial to understand what they are. Pre-rolls are cannabis joints that have been rolled for you via pre-roll machines by the manufacturer.

The standard components are the following: cannabis, rolling paper, and a tiny filter at the end. In some cases, pre-rolls consist of infusions or other additional cannabis products to boost potency. In contrast to bowls, bongs, or vapes, buying a pre-roll does not require any other equipment – you only need a lighter. To smoke a pre-roll, light a pre-roll like you would a standard cigarette and inhale the delicious smoke deeply.

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Types Of Pre-Rolls

Compared to other cannabis flower products, there are various cannabis pre-rolls that you can purchase. Each customer prefers the type of cannabis strain – depending on the desired effect.

Pre-rolls are often strain-specific. These strains are categorized as:


Indica strains are well known for their soothing, calming, and grounding qualities. These strains have a hypnagogic effect that makes you feel satisfied and not want to do much. Cannabis enthusiasts refer to indica as "in the couch." These strains typically cause less paranoia or jitteriness, and if they have a significant percentage of CBD, it helps with body pain.

Pre-rolls made with indica are ideal for looking for a mellow experience or wanting help with insomnia symptoms or stress.


If you are looking to boost your performance in energy-based activities, Sativa strains are helpful because of their effect on serotonin production.

These strains boost creativity, motivation, and drive and help dramatically dive down anxiety and depression. With these strains, you aren't likely to feel tired or lethargic so it can be an excellent product for symptom relief during the day. But some people who are prone to panic or paranoia may have an uncomfortable reaction to Sativa. Infused pre-rolls that consist of Sativa also help with pain relief and appetite, which is great for consumers seeking it for medical applications.


Hybrid strain-infused pre-rolls are somewhere in the middle of Indica and Sativa. But bear in mind that each strain of cannabis is unique, especially in the case of hybrid pre-rolls.

Each of these hybrids will be a different mixture of Indica and Sativa, so you will need to research their effects.

All of these pre-rolls discussed have their health benefits. Hence, choose one based on your desired effect. While these labels are common usage in the cannabis world, they are pretty outdated. You must also factor in the unique terpene profile of strains, providing the strain's specific effects that most enthusiasts and patients are looking for.

These include help with sleep, pain relief, and euphoria. But remember that not all strains affect everyone in the same way. What could give one an uplifted effect may make another one drowsy.

What Are the Parts of Commercially Prepared Pre-Rolls?

The rolled paper can hide what is inside the pre-roll product making it easier for producers to conceal low-quality cannabis or trim.

Even if a pre-roll consists of high-quality cannabis, it is difficult to determine what is inside because of how the pre-roll is built. Get to know what is inside your pre-roll. The following discusses the parts of a commercially prepared pre-roll.


Pre-rolled joints have the reputation of containing low-quality cannabis. Pre-rolled cannabis is said to be made with trim which are the leaves cut away from the buds after harvest.

The trim consists of many trichomes but not as numerous as the buds. In contrast to buds, trim has more plant matter. Hence, smoking trim produces a harsher flavor.

But commercial pre-rolled joint products have improved significantly since the legalization of marijuana. A broader range of products contains premium materials for an enjoyable and strain-specific experience.


Pre-rolls can also be sourced from shake. Because the nugs are shifted around in jars at dispensaries, tiny flower bits fall off, which budtenders use in pre-rolls.


Entire pieces of nugs can also be ground down and used for pre-rolls. These fetch a much higher price. But nug-sourced pre-rolls are more challenging to find because pre-rolls are often created to use up all plant material- including nugs.

Filling Pre-Rolls

Utilizing shake, trim, or nugs, the filling is typically loaded into a pre-rolled paper cone by the tens or hundreds. A pre-roll machine is utilized to shake the joints to help settle the mixture and eliminate air pockets.

Once the joints are filled up, an employee will gently tap down the contents of each piece to make sure that it is not too tight or too loose. Either extreme might cause it to burn ineffectively. With a twist of the tip of the pre-roll, it is ready to go.

Buying Pre-Rolls

One advantage of pre-rolls is that you can purchase them in several ways. If you are unsure about trying pre-rolled products or want to test them out first, it is perfectly acceptable to buy only one piece.

But if you like them and want to get more bang for your buck, you can purchase them in packs. This option provides more flexibility for you.

This new method of smoking cannabis (via pre-rolls) presents a minimal investment while you figure out what you like. In contrast to other methods, pre-rolls are not very expensive, making them an excellent way to experiment with cannabis flowers.

Be Sure to Add Smokable Cannabis Flowers!

If you are purchasing marijuana products for medical purposes, have your physician add smokable flowers to their recommendation. In 2019, it was added as its route of administration but will require your physician's recommendation.

In the absence of a smokable flower recommendation, patients will be unable to purchase loose flowers or pre-rolls.

Step-by-Step Process of Packing Pre-Rolls

What you'll need:

· Cannabis material

· Rolling Tray or Clean Surface

· Grinder

· Cones

· Plastic tubing from the cone pack

· Lighter

Preparing Your Weed Material

Take a clean surface like a rolling tray as your pre-rolling workstation. If you have a grinder on hand, you can use it to break down the weed for the pre-rolled cones. Place several nugs of your favorite strain into the grinder – anywhere from 0.5 g to 1 g of flower, depending on your preference.

Afterwards, break the buds down to a fluffy and semi-leafy texture.

Grinding the material produces a better texture for pressing against the thin paper. It breaks down the sharp ends or stems that could damage the pre-roll paper.

But if you don't have a pre-roll machine grinder, you can use your fingers and thumb to crush the bud gently. Remove any stem and break down the tinier pieces. Remove any hard or sharp pieces that you encounter.

The goal is to achieve the same texture and consistency as the pre-roll machine grinder provides – neither too bulky nor too fine. Bear in mind that you can utilize as much or as little cannabis material as you want for this step. When purchasing cones, you can find sizes that range from the standard 1 g to the king-sized. You have many options to choose from.

Packing It Properly

Cones bought from a dispensary will likely come with a tiny plastic tube that keeps its shape.

You can utilize this plastic tube to pack the pre-rolled cones evenly as you fill it up. If the cone package you bought does not come with this tube, look for a long and thin material like a chopstick that will work in the same way.

Packing the pre-rolled properly will prevent gaps or unfilled areas of the paper that cause it to slump or burn incorrectly - potentially wasting your weed.

Packing is a crucial part of ensuring you have a delightful smoking experience. Without proper packing, you might end up with a lopsided pre-roll that will burn the wrong way.

Place a tiny amount of cannabis at the bottom of the paper by the crutch and pack it.

This initial step is crucial to ensure that the cone turns out perfect.

If you forget to pack correctly in this step, your entire joint will fold at the base and could break. Once you have formed the foundation of your pre-rolled cones, you can add more material little by little and pack everything down.

But do not pack it so tightly and full that it cannot pass air through. To test the cone, with your pointed finger and thumb, lightly check the fullness of the pre-roll as you pack it.

Fill it as high as you would like but be sure to leave about a quarter of an inch at the top free of any flower product to make room for the following step.

Twist It Shut

The top portion of the rolling paper must be left empty so that you can properly seal off the pre-rolled cone. With your thumb and index finger in one direction, twist the pre-rolls to roll up into a bit of wick similar to a candle. At this point, the pre-roll will take shape.

Twist the cone tight enough to pack the top of it, and the wick should be poking out of the top ready for you to light it. Congratulations! You've made your pre-roll! That wasn't so hard.

Light up and Enjoy

This step is the most crucial. Light the wick and let it catch fire for a moment so that the top area of the pre-roll burns. Inhale deeply and take a deep puff. Puff it like a cigar and check to make sure it burns evenly.

While you are smoking, you will notice that only half of the cone is lit while the rest is not. This phenomenon is called a run. It can occur for several reasons, but a simple solution is to relight the joint, making sure that you sufficiently burn that specific area. Use an ashtray to catch the ashes that fall.

A Few Don'ts

Just as crucial as knowing the correct way to pack a pre-roll is knowing a few common mistakes that occur when packaging one so that you can avoid them.

If you happen to run into one of these challenges in your rolling paper cone packing, don't worry. These challenges happen to almost everyone. Like anything else, pre-roll packing requires some practice to reach absolute perfection. The following is what you should avoid:

Do Not Finely Grind Your Weed

Many new consumers do not understand that grinding weed too fine can be detrimental. Simply because you can fit a 2.5 g into a 1 g cone does not mean you will have an enjoyable experience. The opposite is likely true.

The finer the product that goes into the cone, the more difficult it is to ventilate and pass the smoke and air through to you for inhalation. More so, the burn of the joint will likely go out frequently without the proper circulation of air. It cannot burn for longer than several hits.

Do Not Forget to Pack the Base

Do not forget to firmly pack the base of your cone near the crutch area.

If there are gaps in the cone's base, it will lack stability and be ill-formed.

It is challenging to get weed back out of the paper cone-rolling paper once it is filled up, and you might risk damaging the cone by attempting to remove it.

Pre-Rolls to Try

Curious about pre-rolls? Try it! These cosmic seeds pre-rolls are the best pre-roll marijuana products to try. The following descriptions give you an overview of its amazing effects.

Flower Pre-Rolls from Cosmic Seeds

Inhale… exhale… the gift of the universe is in you in these premium cannabis flowers pre-rolls. Get the best CBD or CBG flower processed in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. Get to know these three smooth and light-hearted rolls:


Vacays is an even-keel five-minute half-gram CBD pre-roll infused with CBD cannabis flower and THC. Are you feeling stressed? Take this pristine roll out of your pocket and take a much-needed break.

Conquer your day, that masterpiece, unfinished project, or finish the book you started.

Cosmic Seeds uses a therapeutic Sativa blend with high-end CBD and CBG flowers to balance the best parts of your pre-roll experience.

A Social Butterfly

Good vibrations create a ripple effect. Social Butterfly enhances your experience with others and keeps the good vibes at a peak level after you've arrived at that party or wherever you gather with friends.

Zen AF

This spiritual indica-based roll enhances chi energy and allows calming vibes to soak in. Revel in its flavorful smoky tendrils before you hit your Pilates workout, or write that gratefulness list before bed.

The Benefits of Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are affordable, travel-friendly, and easy to consume. Hence, they are an excellent way of taking in marijuana. But if you do not want to purchase a lot of flowers or tackle grinding and rolling it, you can pop into a store, buy a pre-roll and light it up.

How Much Do Pre-Rolls Cost?

Pre-rolls are often only a few dollars for each piece, and they usually come in packs. You can purchase singles, doubles or packs of five or more.

These cannabis products manufactured via pre-roll machines typically come in half-gram and full gram amounts. Pre-rolls can also be infused with concentrates for an exciting jolt.


Many cannabis enthusiasts are sold on cannabis pre-roll cones. We hope that you are too after reading this guide on packing your pre-rolls. Pre-rolls are quick, convenient, and appeal to many non-joint rolling consumers who want an immediate fix.

Best of all, pre-rolled cones, joints and pre-rolled blunts now come in various sizes and prints. They complement specific preferences of cannabis users, but they can also be utilized to promote different themes and personalities.

There are many types of 100% organic hemp cones with specific mixtures, ratios, and effects that are excellent accessories for any smoke session.

Although rolling your cannabis pre-roll can be an excellent skill for any cannabis enthusiast, you don't need to know how to roll incredible joints to enjoy one. Curious? Order pre-rolls now - Learn more about us and our range of uplifting cannabis products.

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