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Empanadas with Chorizo, Potato and Cojita Cheese

All it takes is 1 tablespoon of Canna Oil for these empanadas to send you to another realm.


Strain - Bruce Banner

1 Link of Chorizo

1 Yukon Gold Potato -small/diced

1/2 Onion - diced

2 Garlic Cloves - minced

1/2 Cup Cojita Cheese

2 Cups Masa

1 TBSP Canna Oil

Oil for frying/cooking Empanadas


Cook Chorizo, Onion and Garlic until crispy, purée in blender until smooth. Putt Masa in a bowl, add water and mix until tacky; if too sry add a small amount of water. Roll into 1 inch balls and press each in a tortilla press to smash down masa balls into circle form. Place 1 TBSPN of Chorizo filling in the middle of smashed masa ball and pinch together enclosing filling, then use fork on edges to seal together. Fry in oil.

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