Cosmic Seed Creative Cooking Series EP7 - Canna Cocktail - Mexican Mule

Updated: Jul 29

Canna Cocktail-Mexican Mule is a great recipe that you can prepare at home and enjoy the euphoric and therapeutic effects. Shop for weed supplies at our store

Foods and beverages infused with cannabis are becoming a trend in countries where hemp is now legal. If you're living in the United States or Canada, you might have come across some recipes that hook your interest. One of the popular varieties today is the canna cocktail - Mexican Mule. This drink is one of its kind since it offers euphoric and therapeutic effects for the delight of consumers. Do you want to try some? Well, you can make your version at home! That's probably the most exciting part - you're just going to mix all the ingredients. And voila, you're all set for an awesome weed cocktail experience.

In this episode of our Cosmic Seed Creative Cooking Series, you'll learn how to prepare this world-class cannabis drink. Whether you're a partygoer or just a pal trying to experiment, this is for you. With a few ingredients to get started, you can decide on the flavor and potency of your favorite beverage. Sure, you can share it with your friends, too. Isn't that cool? However you find it, the process would be pretty easy once you get the hang of it. So, read on and discover the secrets to making the most delicious and addictive canna cocktail - Mexican Mule that you'll ever taste.

Interesting Facts About Canna Cocktail

Cannabis edibles are a top pick among many people since they offer a delicious and easy way to get high and experience some relief. And yes, cocktails with CBD and THC are one of this weed variety. The effects are characterized by a powerful body high that comes on slow and could last for several hours. But the type of strain you're using in the drink, your tolerance level, and the dosage would all come into play. Interestingly, the beverage can spark fits and the munchies to make you feel warm and fuzzy. That might push you to overindulge - but please, don't. Pacing yourself as you enjoy the flavorful taste and highly potent effects is very important.

You're not always in a hurry to experience euphoria and therapy as you consume edibles like canna cocktails. Patience is necessary as this marijuana variety may take over an hour to kick in. As you wait for the effects, you have to limit your beverage intake; otherwise, things would go extreme due to overconsumption. You wouldn't like the adverse reactions when you consume too much THC, a psychoactive compound with therapeutic effects but also downsides. The workaround should be observing how your body responds to the substance until you decide whether to add more.

So, the catch is drinking as much as you can take the effects of THC and CBD in one cannabis beverage. Mind your pacing and behavior when you're sitting with friends over a perfectly mixed cocktail. You might go wild and do some awkward things you and your friends won't forget. Essentially, you're in control if you're mixing the ingredients such as alcohol, tequila, vodka, lime juice, ginger beer, or other treats that you can use. You can measure how much THC you infuse with the cocktail during that process. Make sure that you're also using decarboxylated CBD oil, tincture, or any hemp extract so that your product would have the desired potency.

How to Make Cannabis Cocktail

Perhaps you're a bit excited to have your cannabis cocktail soon. Well, who isn't if you're into delightful beverages? You can start the process as quickly as possible with a few ingredients and steps to follow. This marijuana drink can be made in either one of the two ways. One is by adding a cannabis infusion like a tincture to a cocktail, and the other is by mixing a cocktail with alcohol that contains cannabis extract. If you're thinking of making weed cocktails regularly, you can opt for infusing alcohol into the mix.

Ingredients and Tools:

  • 750 ml bottle of liquor

  • 3-7 grams of decarboxylated cannabis

  • Double boiler

  • Cheesecloth

  • Thermometer and timer


  1. Wrap the ground and decarboxylated cannabis in a small piece of cheesecloth.

  2. Place sufficient water in the bottom half of the double boiler until the liquid boils, but use low heat.

  3. Pour the chosen liquor into the top half of the double boiler and mix in the cannabis. Then stir the mixture and cover.

  4. Use a thermometer to observe the liquid in the top boiler, which should not come to a boil.

  5. Wait 2-3 hours until the mixture is fully infused, and remove from heat afterward.

  6. Pour the alcohol infusion using a cheesecloth into a container. Then pour the strained liquor back into the bottle through a funnel.

How About Canna Cocktail - Mexican Mule?

There are several types of cocktails that you can make following the recipe given above. Whatever you decide to have, make sure it satisfies your needs, just like a canna cocktail - Mexican Mule can do for you. This cannabis beverage is relatively easy to prepare, too. All you have to do is gather a few ingredients and follow the simple cocktail mule recipe as provided below.


  • Cannabis strain: Clementine

  • 2 ounces of Tequila

  • 1 ounce of Topa Chica Lime Water

  • 2 Limes - squeezed

  • Clementine-infused ice cubed

  • 1 TBSP Agave Light

  • 1/4 cup Ginger Beer


  1. Place ½ TSP of Clementine tincture in ice cube trays and freeze.

  2. Mix all ingredients, tequila, ginger beer, etc., together in a shaker.

  3. Place ice cubes in a copper mug.

  4. Pour the liquid over ice cubes.

  5. Voila, you can now enjoy your own canna cocktail - Mexican mule!

Note: You may also consider using other ingredients, such as whiskey, daiquiri, margarita, martini, seltzer, mojito, garnish, etc., to make different variants like a classic cocktail or Moscow Mule.

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Illicit Gardens sponsored this video featuring Chef Mitchell Allen. Chef Allen has extensive experience working with a wide variety of recipes worldwide, including cannabis foods and beverages.

How Does Canna Cocktail Taste?

The exact flavor of the canna cocktail would depend on the cannabis strain and other ingredients you're using. But generally, this beverage tastes like a bright green and leafy floral herb. When mixed with alcohol and tincture, it would have a sunflower-like flavor. If you have consumed cannabis before, you indeed have an idea of its unique aroma, which is best characterized by its herbal undertone. What's ideal about this beverage is that cannabis is a versatile flavor pairing that can blend with various ingredients and most liquors. It would be a lot of fun to explore how it tastes with fruits and sweets like chocolate and other herbal add-ons.

Effects of Canna Cocktail - Mexican Mule

Since we're using Clementine cannabis strain in our Canna Cocktail - Mexican Mule, you can expect the energizing effects of a Sativa-dominant strain made by crossing Tangie with Lemon Skunk. This weed variety is loved for its sweet taste and citrus aroma. As many users shared, cannabis is highly potent in increasing motivation and focus like any other psychoactive drug - no wonder it has won several awards, such as the best Sativa concentrate.

Particularly, a canna cocktail infused with Clementine strain would produce the following effects:

  • Enhances mood

  • Relieves stress and depression

  • Increases focus on combating ADHD

  • Alleviates anxiety

  • Cerebral or energizing high

Cannabis and Alcohol Precautions

You'll get high when you consume marijuana - but how about when mixed with another intoxicating substance like alcohol? What happens, and how does it feel? Both products are sedatives, meaning they can cause different reactions within the body, and that's where the concern may arise. If you drink liquor, the effects could hit rather quickly. On the other hand, cannabis effects would take a bit longer, which is characteristic of edibles.

Several factors could influence this Mule's impact, including your metabolism, tolerance level, frequency of use, and CBD or THC content. It can take at least an hour or two to feel the high from the cannabis-infused Mexican mule drink. This psychoactive effect could last for five to six hours so that you can enjoy it longer. Notably, some users reported that they experienced paranoia that's not typical of everyday marijuana use. That can be attributed to THC, but CBD-only cocktail ingredients usually produce drowsiness and less intense effects.

Practical Tips for Ideal Canna Cocktail Experience

For the best canna cocktail experience, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Remember that this CBD and THC-infused beverage would satisfy your expectations and produce a pleasant experience only if you're doing what's supposed to. Well, you know that for sure. But just in case you need some insights from the expert, here are the things to note down:

  • Start with small dosages of cannabis-infused cocktail

  • Follow a proven cocktail recipe as we have provided here

  • Drink the cannabis beverage in a safe environment

  • Wait after 15-30 minutes before sipping another glass

  • Limit how many cocktails or CBD drinks you take each day

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Feeling excited to have a taste of canna cocktail - Mexican Mule soon? Follow the recipe here, and you're all set for a great experience. If you're looking for premium cannabis supplies and ready-made products, like our all-natural gummies, you can browse our online shop. There are also other recipes that you can learn in our Cosmic Seed Creative Cooking Series. Follow us for more unique discoveries, such as the 9 Best Edibles for Energy and the benefits of CBD prerolls. You may also contact us anytime for any inquiries.

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