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Cannabis Tea Infused with Canna Honey

Making cannabis tea infused with canna honey is pretty easy. Just follow the recipe in our Cosmic Seed Creative Cooking Series. Shop for supplies at our store!

Cosmic Seed Creative Cooking Series EP6 - Cannabis Tea Infused with Canna Honey

A cup of cannabis tea in the morning can set the mood for the whole day- wouldn't you agree? Well, this has been the case for many people who are enjoying the euphoric and therapeutic effects of THC and CBD. You’re surely familiar with these two major compounds found in marijuana. There are many more, actually. Researchers claim that over 100 cannabinoids are present in cannabis. That means you can expect more from this euphoric substance, this is based on the testimony of many folks. In the United States alone, millions of individuals are taking cannabis products as part of their health regimen.

If you’re living in the States or somewhere else, you might also get interested in knowing how marijuana beverages like tea can enhance your lifestyle. There are several studies confirming the efficacy of those two compounds in preventing or treating certain medical conditions. Stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain are just among the common ailments for which this product could be used, even without a prescription. And here’s an interesting fact- you can make your own cannabis tea infused with canna honey in the comfort of your own home. How? Read on and we will introduce this popular recipe to you!

What to Expect from Cannabis Tea?

Take note, this is not an ordinary tea since it’s packed with psychoactive and therapeutic compounds that can make you high and treat your ailments at the same time. Many local weed dispensaries and online shops are now selling this product, in powder form. All you have to do is put it in a cup of hot water and then blend. But if you want some adventure, the best way to go about it is to concoct your own cannabis tea. Imbibe anywhere you want- at home or in your office. The recipe for this beverage is quite easy, as long as you have all the ingredients.

A few popular methods for making marijuana tea include the following:

  • Infusing hot water with dry cannabis flower- this method produces less intoxicating effects given that THC is generally not water-soluble.

  • Mixing cannabis infused with coconut oil, butter, honey, plus tea leaves and water to create the desired beverage.

  • Adding a cannabis tincture to your favorite tea.

Sounds pretty simple and easy? Well, it is. What you should look forward to are the amazing benefits that your DIY tea could provide. For one, you’ll have an intense focus, motivation, and energy that will boost your performance at work or in creative endeavors. A lot of marijuana users have the same end in mind. That’s the reason why cannabis tea and other varieties are quite popular nowadays.

Cannabis Tea Infused with Canna Honey

In this episode of our Creative Cooking Series, we’re so excited to share with you one of the popular recipes among cannabis tea lovers today- that’s the weed tea infused with canna honey. This product is definitely a must-try if you want to experience a marijuana beverage that’s both delicious and extra-powerful. Here’s the very simple DIY recipe, with a few ingredients and instructions to get started:


  • 3 Tbsp of cannabis coconut oil

  • ¾ cup of cannabis honey

  • Type of marijuana strain: Gorilla Pie (suggested)


  1. Combine canna coconut oil and canna honey in one cup

  2. Blend the mixture for one minute until fully combined

  3. Steep the cannabis tea and canna honey mixture for 8 minutes

  4. Voila, you’re now ready to sip a cup of cannabis tea infused with canna honey

This video featuring Chef Mitchell Allen was sponsored by Illicit Gardens. Chef Allen has an extensive experience with a wide variety of foods and beverages from around the world. In this episode of our Cosmic Seed Creative Cooking Series, you’ll learn from him our very own recipe of how to make cannabis tea infused with canna honey.

How to Make Cannabis Honey

You can buy cannabis honey from weed dispensaries for greater convenience, but if you opt to make some from your own recipe, you’re quite capable of having it in only a few minutes. Just follow the steps below to create DIY canna honey for your cannabis tea:


  • 1 cup of honey

  • 3.5 grams of decarboxylated cannabis


  1. Combine the honey and the decarbed cannabis in a double boiler to apply gentle heat on the stovetop.

  2. Simmer the mixture with low heat for at least 40 minutes, without coming to a full boil.

  3. Pour the mixture over the cheesecloth funnel on top of a jar and allow the honey to strain freely.

  4. Afterwards, you can now use the honey for your cannabis tea.

Feel free to learn more cannabis recipes in our Cosmic Seed Creative Cooking Series!

Effects of Cannabis Tea with Honey

Since we’re using Gorilla Pie strain in our cannabis tea infused with honey, the beverage would produce the effects from that hybrid cannabis. Based on consumer reviews, this weed strain makes users feel more relaxed and happy at the same time. However, the potency of the product also depends on the amount of cannabis you mix in. So, during preparation, make sure that you measure the extract in the right proportions.

Interestingly, another characteristic of hybrid strain is it offers both worlds of cannabis- meaning, you can experience both psychoactive and therapeutic effects of THC and CBD. You are more likely to experience some invigorating highs, too! Read about the 9 Best Edibles for Energy to explore more options at your fingertip.

Proper Dosing for Canna Tea with Honey

Once your cannabis tea is ready, you can no longer change the potency of your strain infusion. But don’t worry because you’re still in control of how much beverage you drink. So basically, there are two ways to dose this marijuana product: (1) Measuring the amount of Gorilla Pie strain that you use, and (2) Limiting your intake of cannabis tea. Remember that dosing is critical to any weed product because overindulgence can trigger strong euphoric effects that can be hard to handle. We suggest that you determine your tolerance level beforehand and pay attention to the THC and CBD levels that you infuse while preparing any cannabis beverage or edibles at home.

Potential Health Benefits of Cannabis Tea

Cannabis tea is more than just a beverage- it’s a medicine for some people. That’s why medical cannabis has emerged and become popular due to the fact that the substance can help manage and treat several health conditions. Since we’re using hybrid marijuana in this recipe, expect the product to help you battle insomnia, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and inflammation. But never assume across the board that it will also be a miracle drug for you because the efficacy would also depend on how your body responds to the substance.

We recommend that you consult your doctor first if you’re using cannabis tea with canna honey for medicinal purposes. There’s a guarantee that the beverage will produce therapeutic effects, but to what extent and how it works for you depends on other factors at play. Once you get a go-signal, make sure that you observe the effects of the substance and adjust the dosage accordingly.

Looking for other options? Get to know the benefits of CBD pre-rolls to compare them with cannabis tea.

Cannabis Tea versus Other Weed Products

Each cannabis product is unique due to its different ingredients. When you prepare a DIY cannabis tea with Gorilla Pie strain and canna honey, you’ll be able to differentiate it by its taste and potency. But its overall impact is also determined by your physiology- metabolism, tolerance level, etc. If you’re seeking to increase the potency of your weed tea, you can add kief and incorporate tinctures into your recipe.

When it comes to the onset time and duration of effects, edibles, like cannabis tea and our all-natural gummies, are generally known for taking a bit longer to kick in but the impact is long-lasting. As such, dosing can be tricky for some individuals since you have to wait for at least 15 minutes and observe how the substance affects your body before ingesting more. Don’t overindulge especially if your beverage has higher levels of THC as this could potentially trigger adverse reactions. Like other intoxicating products, you have to observe moderation, regardless of whether you use it for medical or recreational purposes.

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