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Because like you, we are also conscious about what we put in our bodies. Our gummies are packed with fun and creative flavors that are sure to please any palate

Vegan & Gluten Free

CBG Infused 100mg and 200mg

All Natural Ingredients

Rich In Texture and Flavor


Vanilla Currant

 This 1:1 edible is made with vanilla extract that has been steeped for 9 months. We, then, add tart yet earthy black currant to create a really thoughtful flavor for these gummies. Having equal parts CBD and THC seems to be the most effective in tackling pain management. The goal of utilizing a 1:1 product is to induce a gentle buzz while allowing the consumer to function and focus throughout the day. While CBD affects inflammation throughout the body, THC regulates neurotransmitters and how the brain perceives pain. The 1:1 ratio provides both mental and physical relief from pain.

Sour Tropical Cherry

(available in 100mg or 200mg) - This one is for everyone. A perfect blend of flavors with ripe cherries and a melody of yummy bright fruit. We dialed it in from a plethora of good AF fruit and put a cherry on top. Great for overall daily relief from pain.

Sour Tangie

(available in 100mg or 200mg) - Activate euphoria, and get uplifted with a dose of energy on this citrus treat. Based on the tasty aromas from the tangie strain, we created an edible version for the cerebral vibe lovers out there. Plus it tastes like tangerines and who doesn’t love a juicy tangerine.

Pomegranate Plum

(available in 100mg or 200mg) - A little tangy and a tad sweet and oh so good. This indica gummy captures the savory essence of great fruit and allows the partaker to slow down and enjoy the world around them.


(available in 100mg or 200mg) - This sleepy sweet treat is packed with THC and CBG to help you drift off with less stress and pain. CBG has been known to help many aspects of inflammation, stress and insomnia. We paired this hard-to-get cannabinoid with creamy orange popsicles to make a flavor and medicine that won’t overwhelm but gets the job done.

Lemon Lavender

(available in 100mg and 200mg) - “I was once at this really amazing wedding watching 2 people i really loved getting married and had the best cake of my life… it was lavender with some sort of lemon. It was beautiful looking and tasted so good. I was just so happy eating that cake and being at that wedding. I felt at peace.” - Crisitna Osorio, Creative Director of COSMIC SEED. And this is how our Lemon Lavender gummies were born. We wanted to convey that peace and happiness with our delicious gummies. Enjoy.

Jalapeno Pineapple

(available in 100mg or 200mg) - Spicy and Sweet all at once. This one has some heat, but in the “I spent the day hiking in the desert and found myself” kinda way. It all cools down with savory and tropical pineapple notes to create an edible that packs a punch and keeps those creative juices flowing.

Passion Fruit

(only available in 200mg CBD : 100mg THC) - There are folklore tales of passion fruit allowing those that consume it to fall in love. Well, we are in love with this one. Big time. Having twice the amount of CBD as THC can still provide a slight buzz, but it should be minimal compared to 1:1 strains and recreational products. This ratio might be ideal for those looking to combat autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, or general aches and pains.

Spectrum - Sweets

(available in 105mg / 14 pieces) - A mix of the sweeter and more savory side of Cosmic Seed gummies. These gummies come in 7.5mg THC for each individual piece but we have included 14 to increase your journey through the flavorful Cosmic Seed edible menu.

Spectrum - All The Flavors

A baker’s batch of mixed flavors from the whole Cosmic Seed gummies line. A great way to mix it up or try them all. These gummies come in 7.5mg THC for each individual piece but we have included 14 so you can share with a friend or find your favorite way to taste the cosmos.

Spectrum - Sours

(available in 105mg / 14 pieces) - This variety pack includes all the sour edibles in every flavor we offer.  Pucker up and take a ride through the universe of Cosmic Seed edible confections with a  with tart twist. These gummies come in 7.5mg THC for each individual piece with 14 pieces in each container.

SOCIAL BUTTERFLY : Daytime Gummy- Wild Strawberry

Looking for a delicious way to enjoy your daily dose of CBD? Look no further than Cosmic Seed's Wild Strawberry gummies! Made from real fruit paste sourced from Europe, these gummies are packed with flavor and sure to please any palate. Plus, they're made with Illicit's special 5:1 distillate blend of CBG:THC, so you can be sure you're getting a high-quality product. So why wait? Order your Cosmic Seed gummies today and start enjoying the benefits of CBG!

FOCUSED & READY : Anytime Gummy- Mango

With Cosmic Seed's delicious mango-flavored gummies, you'll be feeling focused and ready for anything that comes your way! Made with our special 10:1 distillate blend of CBD:THC, these gummies are perfect for any time of day. Whether you're looking for a pick-me-up in the morning or a calm way to wind down at night, our gummies are sure to hit the spot. So why wait? Order your Cosmic Seed gummies today!

ZEN AF : Nighttime Gummy: Peaches & Dream

Welcome to the world of Cosmic Seed! We've revamped our flavor and texture profile to bring you Peaches & Dream. This delicious gummy is perfect for those looking for an evening wind-down. Our special 2:2:1 distillate blend of CBN:CBD:THC helps induce drowsiness, making it ideal for those who struggle with insomnia. But that's not all! CBN, when paired with THC, is also excellent at relieving pain as well as reducing intra-ocular pressure in glaucoma patients. CBD contributes to a sense of well-being, has calming effects, as well as stimulating vanilloid receptors to help regulate pain perception.

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