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Call to the Cosmos! A VACAY is a mini preroll pack with 5 mini reasons to take a vacay from your day-to-day. Small snapshot joints that are like little mini vacations in your day. Perfect for an uplifting break.


Social Butterfly

If three's company, then five's a vacation. Our pre-rolls come in packs of 5 half-gram mini vacays to help you bask in the glow of friendship.

Zen AF

Zen AF is an indica based ratio joint is for enhancing your chi and letting calm soak in whether before hot pilates or as you do that “gratefulness” list before bed. This pre-roll is a must have in the playlist. We put 5 x 0.5G mini pre-rolls in each pack so you can take a mini vacation from the daily grind

Focused + Ready

Vacay Away with our Focused and Ready 0.5g mini pre-rolls. Each one is a vacay to a better day. These come in 5 packs of little mini vacations for anytime throughout your day.


Each moment is unique. Spectrum Vacays contain 5 x 0.5G mini pre-rolls including all 3 profiles: A Social Butterfly for enhancing your experience with others, Zen AF for enhancing your chi, and Focused and Ready for taking on the day.

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