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Ari Sokol

"It gives me this rush of adrenaline that is incredible."


Performing contortionist, @_ari27_ lives the line between muscle memory and new extension. As she bends and contorts, her brain is making compromises on what she knows her body is able to achieve and where it might be able to bend further, all the while fully aware of the masses peering on. Carl Sagan, renowned astronomer and astrologist wrote of his experiments with marijuana, "The heightened sensitivity in all areas gives me a feeling of communion with my surroundings, both animate and inanimate." It is this connection with self and surroundings that we all aspire to find and celebrate through many modalities.

Drown out self doubt, connect with your surroundings, and accomplish your art with Focused & Ready Pre-Rolls.  


Stay tuned next week for more of Ari’s story. Learn more on how Marijuana can help relieve active bodies suffering with chronic pain.

For Our Community


For when you've got to be "on." Focused & Ready uses a sativa blend with our high-end CBD and CBG flower to balance the best parts of your pre-roll experience. Energy up!



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